Hands-on, Indoors & Ready to Eat in 7-14 Days!

Planting with KnowingNature is start-to-finish in 7-14 days, compact, and grows on your home or classroom windowsill. Plant anytime of year, even in low light. Your high quality, durable planter will become your go-to tool for growing and learning with plants for years to come.

What To Expect

Each planting cycle begins with students opening their soil packs and seed packs, planting seeds in organic soil, bottom-watering & watching the soil absorb the water. In 2-3 days they will see dozens of seeds breaking through the soil and roots peeking out the bottom. Over the entire 7-14 day growing cycle students can pet the plants with their hands (to mimic wind), spin the planters around when the greens lean toward the sun, see the roots through the drainage holes or through our clear/frosted planters, and check if the plants need water by looking closely at the soil and lifting the planters. At the end they cut and eat the flavorful greens they grew themselves. They can even explore the roots up close before composting or discarding the soil and starting a new planting.

3+ hours of

Fine Motor, Gross Motor & STEM Activity


fits your needs

Planters, Soil + Seeds, and Kits


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Designed for Fun Learning

FUN.  Real gardening anytime of year, even during the winter. No high tech, grow lights, peat pellets or gels.

EASY TO USE.  For all ages, experiences & abilities (even the "I-kill-plants" types). All you need is a windowsill & water, we provide everything else.

STORES EASY.  When not in use, the planters make durable & attractive holders for all kinds of classroom materials, or can be stacked/nested for easy storage until the next planting.

OPEN-ENDED.  Use it for STEM subjects, for mindfulness, for nature themes, for motor skills & more. It's there to meet YOUR curricular needs. Use with our soil & seeds or with your own growing medium.

INTERACTIVE.  Students see, touch & smell the soil and plants, harvest and taste the greens, and can even pull up and explore the roots after harvest. 

FAST RESULTS.  Kids stay engaged with fast growth - most gardens are ready to eat in just 7-14 days.

SAFE.  Planters are BPA free, pthalate free & made of FDA certified food safe plastic. Soil is fertilizer free, pesticide free, manure free & sustainably sourced.