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3+ hours of fine motor, gross motor & STEM activity in each planting cycle. 
In-person or remote. Learn more >>>

Indoor Grow Kit Organic Microgreens Gardening Gift


Planter, soil, seeds & instructions. Ready to grow organic microgreens in just 10 days! No figuring out what to grow or lifting giant bags filled with mystery ingredients. 

Indoor Grow Kit Innovative Reusable Planter Blue Green Pink Grow Microgreens Gardening Gift


Tip resistant & interactive in hands of all sizes. Durable, food safe, dishwasher safe & reusable with soil & seeds.

Indoor Grow Kit Organic Soil and Seeds Delivered Gardening Gift Free Shipping


Soil & seeds delivered. We'll send you everything you need so you can focus on the fun part - planting, learning, & eating nutritious greens!

Why Users Love Our Planting Kits

I could not believe how foolproof and easy KnowingNature makes it to grow plants from seed to table. My kids love having a project and I love having fresh microgreens! I highly recommend these.

Stephanie S.

I absolutely love these for my k-3 kids. There are so many math, science, social studies, reading and writing that we could integrate with these for each grade!

Sarah B.

My kids were really excited to do the planting and the abundant growth only a couple days later was such fun for all of us. It was a great learning experience that was exciting and yummy!

Alanna S.

After enjoying a few of my own, I purchased multiple planter sets from knowingnature as gifts for friends, coworkers, and neighbors. They’re a perfect way to say I care about you and I care about our world at the same time!

Stephen S.

I absolutely loved my KnowingNature Planting Kit! The packaging was beautiful, everything was colorful, organized, clearly labeled, the instructions were so easy to follow. I had everything I needed!

Lisa S.

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