Easy, indoor gardens for your home & classroom.
Ready to cut & eat in under 10 days.

Get the garden Refill your garden

How The EverySeason garden works

With our specially designed planter & organic soil & seeds.

All you need is a windowsill & water, we provide everything else for fun, easy, educational & safe planting in your first garden. 

Delicious, organic, homegrown greens.

Fun to grow & even more fun to harvest. Ready to cut & eat in 7-10 days.

Reuse your planter with perfectly measured soil & seed refills.

Refills delivered to fit your home or classroom schedule. Choose from a variety of delicious & interesting seeds. 

Shipping is free, so garden as often as you'd like.

Calling all EDUCATORS!

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About KnowingNature

KnowingNature was founded to help people experience nature in their homes and classrooms. We believe that kids who grow up knowing nature turn into adults who value nature and make sustainable choices throughout their lives. Knowing nature today can help save nature tomorrow.  Learn more >>>