About KnowingNature

We help you grow nutritious, delicious, beautiful, fun & flavorful microgreens ANYTIME OF YEAR. We designed an innovative planter and mix the healthiest organic potting soil. We combine them into fun & easy kits that you can grow on any indoor windowsill. Our products save you time, save you space and make awesome gifts for the nature lovers in your life.

For adults our planters are tip resistant to avoid messes, dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, made of BPA free, phthalate free & FDA certified food safe plastic so that they are super safe for edibles, and reusable for a lifetime of growing tasty greens. All the seeds we offer are tested for great germination, great taste & great growth, take a maximum of 14 days to grow, and we deliver perfectly measured soil & seed refills so that you can grow microgreens all year long without lifting a single giant bag of soil.

For kids the planter and all our packaging fit easily into their hands, the instructions are easy to follow and colorful, the planter is super durable and easy to use, they can plant with real soil and seeds, watch the water absorb through bottom watering, view the roots by lifting the insert, and get fast results with microgreens that are ready to cut & eat in less than 10 days (and growing is a whole additional hands-on and sensory experience)! 

For the planet we use sustainable packaging and we mix our own soil out of materials that are organic, renewable, pesticide free, manure free and easily compostable anywhere.   

Meet Rachel

I started designing planters, mixing soil & growing microgreens as a volunteer in my kids' classrooms. My goal was to help the teachers & students plant in class despite the weather being cold by us most of the school year. The kids & teachers loved it so much, I started KnowingNature to share that experience with more people at home & in school.

After dozens of planter designs, hundreds of batches of soil, and planting all kinds of seeds in all kinds of conditions, the KnowingNature Planter and KnowingNature Organic Potting Soil were born. I discovered the joy of growing and eating homegrown food, and I have seen thousands of kids' and adults' eyes light up at the chance to plant a seed, touch plants and eat something they grew themselves. I hope that my planters, organic soil & kits can bring that light to your life as well 🙏

Rachel Haber, Chief Planter & Founder

KnowingNature Planting Kits