KNOWINGNATURE helps you grow healthy microgreens at home, no matter where you live. Our unique, patented windowsill planters and grow kits are made in New Jersey and sold at garden centers & health food stores around the country and online.

I hope that you grow lots of healthy & delicious microgreens!

- Rachel Haber, Founder & CEO

Food Grade Materials

KnowingNature planters are Made in the USA out of the highest quality, BPA free, pthalate free & FDA certified food grade plastic. Dishwasher safe & heavy duty.

Domestic Supply Chain

All our manufacturing and packaging comes from a network of American companies that source their materials in the USA. All orders are made, assembled and shipped out of New Jersey, USA,

Empowering You

KnowingNature puts the power to grow healthy greens in your hands. Grow using the best techniques, with free sunlight, with your own sowing mix and any size seeds.

We Look Forward To Working With You!

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