KNOWINGNATURE helps you grow healthy microgreens at home without racks, grow lights, special matts or 1020 trays. We are a small business located in New Jersey. Our unique, patented windowsill planters are made in New Jersey and sold at garden centers around the country and online. Our organic potting mix, seeds and popular grow kits are sold on our website and made to order for corporate gifting and events.

We hope you enjoy the healthy greens & fun gardening!

- Rachel Haber, Founder & CEO


KnowingNature planters are made in the USA out of BPA free, FDA certified food grade plastic. Planter walls are 1.9 mm thick, 2X the industry standard.


Every batch of planters, soil & seeds are tested to meet our high standards. All orders are made, assembled and shipped out of New Jersey, USA within 2 business days of the order being placed.

Empowering You

KnowingNature puts the power to grow healthy greens in your hands. Grow using the best techniques, on your windowsill with free sunlight, with your own soil, coco coir or peat, and with any size seeds. Every season of the year.

We Look Forward To Working With You!

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