Our Mission

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Our Vision

We believe that kids learn by doing, so we created a planting experience that educators and parents can do with their kids all year long regardless of outdoor space or expertise.  

What We Do

We offer one-of-a-kind planters and organic soil & seeds that are made, assembled and shipped out of New York and New Jersey. 

For kids everything is designed to fit into their hands, they can plant with soil and seeds, watch the water absorb through bottom watering, view the roots by lifting the insert, and in less than 10 days they can cut and eat the organic microgreens they grew themselves (which is a whole additional hands-on and sensory experience)! 

For adults the planters are tip resistant to avoid messes, dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, food safe, BPA free, phthalate free, 10-day planting cycles allow you to skip weeks when you are away then start up again when you are back, your kids will be growing fresh organic greens for the household to eat (yaay!) and we deliver soil & seed refills so you can easily make planting a family or classroom tradition.  

For the planet we use sustainable packaging, organic seeds, and we mix our own soil out of materials that are organic, fertilizer free, pesticide free, manure free and easily compostable.   

Meet Rachel

I started designing planters while volunteering in my kids' classrooms. I was working in environmental conservation at the time, and I would hear from countless educators and parents how much they loved planting with their kids, but that they felt limited by a lack of outdoor space, sunlight, time and expertise. Too often I heard "If only it were easier, I would do it more!"

I felt that if I could help these parents and educators plant more often with their kids, I could help that many more kids learn to love and protect the natural world. After dozens of planter designs, hundreds of batches of soil, and planting all kinds of seeds in all kinds of conditions, the KnowingNature Planter and EverySeason Potting Soil were born. I have seen thousands of kids eyes light up at the chance to plant a seed, touch plants and eat something they grew themselves, and I hope that my planting kits and refills can bring that light to your kids as well 🙏

Rachel Haber, Founder & Chief Planter

KnowingNature Planting Kits